Which way to elite status? Challenge? Match?

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    I'm traveling in paid business from JFK/LAX this week on last minute flight on AA. Wanted some ideas on how I should approach this.

    With US drawing down from LGA, and generally having high fares on routes I travel, having AA status is very appealing. I'm primarily a domestic flyer - with ORD, LAS, DEN/EGE and SJU being the destinations i'll be using AA on.

    I can do a Plat challenge and obtain enough EQPs from one round trip. Add in a few oddball flights here and there and I've got Plat for the remainder of 2012 and Gold for 2013. Downside is cost, but not insurmountable.

    My employer also has a status match program to Platinum. Not knowing how the details work, but if it was a straight match, i could potentially get platinum until 2013 if I wait until June. The plus, is no fee, unlike the match. However, it's also a once in a lifetime opportunity.

    I could also credit to BA. These flights earn quite a few tier credits (but not as much as if I was in two class first). And the rolling calendar makes it a bit easier to qualify. However, not sure what the perks are with the BA status that I couldn't get with my Amex Plat and an AA credit card. (i'm mostly a domestic flyer). the upgrades would be my biggest perk.
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