which seat is better on UA 757-200: 12C or 20C (exit aisle but no recline)

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    Flying on UA 115 from LHR to EWR and the exit aisle that reclines (row 21) are unfortunately taken.
    So I can pick exit aisle 20C (limited recline) or the row right in front of row 20 (which is 12) in the 757-200 trans-atlantic configuration.

    I think 12C would be fine if it fully recline but I am not sure if it does since it is right in front of an exit aisle. On United seating chart they indicate that row 20 is exit aisle with limited recline but just said that row 12 is an economy plus seat and no mention of limited recline.
    But on seatguru, they mention that row 12 has limited recline too. So if both had limited recline, I might as well take row 20.

    Has anyone have personal experience on this and can let me know if row 12 is in fact limited recline?

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