Which seat for good window view in Eva Airways Elite Class?

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    Stick with seats 20A&C on Eva Airways’ Boeing 777-300ER, you won’t be disappointed.
    While the entire “Elite Class” on Eva is considered good bang for the buck, you will enjoy even a bit more legroom than the standard 38″ pitch in row 20, and you won’t have anyone reclining into your space. Also, as you observed, row 21 does suffer from a slightly obstructed window view. Row 21 certainly isn’t a bad row, but if what you desire is to admire the view out of the window, it isn’t the best row for you.
    The downsides of row 20? First and foremost, you lose a little storage space, as there isn’t any seat in front of you under which you can store a bag. For some, this is a deal breaker when it comes to bulkhead seats, while others travel light and aren’t bothered by this at all.
    Also, because this is a bassinet position, there is a chance, however slight, that you will be moved once onboard to accommodate a family with an infant. You can call the airline a day or two prior to the flight and they might let you know if there are any infants scheduled on the flight, but that’s an iffy proposition at best.
    All things being equal, your best bet is to hold onto the seats you have. The chances of being asked to move are slim enough that it is worth taking the risk.

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