Which Rooftop Bar Will Make Guests Enter Through a Sheraton and Exit Through an Aloft?

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    Which Rooftop Bar Will Make Guests Enter Through a Sheraton and Exit Through an Aloft? :)

    All good siblings quickly learn the art of sharing. And the same goes for sibling hotels Sheraton Brooklyn and Aloft Brooklyn, who are both owned by Starwood.
    In addition to sharing the same zip code, subway stations, and, indeed, the same pool, the neighboring hotels will soon divide the work of shuttling visitors to and from their yet-to-open rooftop bar (also shared).

    Tentatively titled Sky Lounge, the 25th-floor bar venue will be spread across the rooftop of both hotels. While a sleek, new bar is currently under construction on the Aloft side, the Sheraton side will be all outdoors. The open design will allow guests to wander freely through both areas, but what about elevator access? That's where things get interesting.

    A General Service Manager at Aloft Brooklyn explained that bar-goers will enter through the Sheraton's dedicated service elevator (something Aloft doesn't have), and be shuttled straight to the top floor. When it comes time to leave, those same guests will descend through the Aloft's elevators, which are better equipped to handle crowds on their way out.
    The idea is to keep an even traffic flow on both sides. But will this system prove to be a nightmare for bar staffers who must re-direct people to the right elevators? After they've had a few?


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