Which of the IHG reward night option do you recommend and why?

Discussion in 'IHG | Rewards Club/Ambassador' started by Thomask, Jul 24, 2014.

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    I have a 10 hour layover at Manila airport next month and I am considering staying at the IC Manila again. I know about the Hotel, location etc. When I looked at the options what to book I found:

    revenue rate of 225$ = at least 1820 points but not worth it in my opinion.
    35000 IHG points
    30000 IHG points & 40$
    25000 IHG points and 70$

    I am a plain IC Ambassador/IHG Platinum (not very useful compared to HH G, MR G, SPG P or Hyatt D) and hold the IHG Club Master-card.

    I have seen the above choices often when I book IHG Hotels and I am sure you too. Which one of the three do you use, why and what are the benefits associated?
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  2. jonspencer

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    35,000 is fairly cheap for an IC, even if it is in Manila :eek:

    IHG points cost 00.7 cents each in recent promotions so 35,000 would would be USD 245, slightly more than rate quoted

    any option would have a similar result IMO

    I try to save points for expensive stays in NYC, London, HK ......................
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    This is the IC at Makati ? if so, actually, the the Holiday Inn & Suites is very nearby, for 20,000 points and directly above a shopping mall.

    For a 10 hour layover, I might want to save the points for another reservation instead (15,000 points = 3 PB nights !) :D
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    I would chose the 35000 points'option...and forget about the cash and would try to get some points using the IHG club mastercard.
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