Which "kind" of hotel are you going to stay at?

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    My wife came to me today and said: "Check that out, "hotel man"", I guess she was kind of making a joke or complaining that I spend too much time choosing which hotel I am going to stay but I don't spend that much time investigating how clean and "safe" my room is after I check in. With this said, check that list, its worth, if not to follow, at least to have some fun and laugh.

    Check for Bedbugs

    Scrutinize your mattress, bed frame, and headboard -- you're looking for small brown stains. Bedbugs are hard to see (they hide during the day and can run away quickly when disturbed), but they leave behind brown bloodstains when they process the blood of their victims. Be sure to check under the sheets and mattress pad, too.


    Your room may look clean, but that doesn't mean it's sanitary. Hotel cleaners may scrub the bathroom, but do they take the time to wipe down common safe houses for germs, such as remote controls, light switches, and doorknobs? Give these items a quick cleaning with an antibacterial wipe to stay healthy during your visit.

    Check Hiding Spots

    Before letting your guard down in your locked hotel room, check these hiding spots to make sure you really are alone: under the bed, in the closet, and in the shower. An intruder could have slipped in before you and could be lying in wait -- or something more gruesome. You think I'm being alarmist? Maybe, but Snopes lists a number of actual incidents in which guests checked in to a hotel, complained about a horrible odor in their room, and later discovered a human body hidden under the bed or mattress. They had literally been sleeping on top of a corpse. Now who's the alarmist?

    Make Sure Temperature Controls Work

    Your room temperature may seem fine now, but it could become unbearably hot or cold once you're trying to sleep. If you wait until nighttime to discover that your climate controls don't work, you may be stuck if there's no maintenance staff on call to fix the problem and no vacant room for you to switch to.

    MUCH MORE ...
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    God damnit now you've got me paranoid for my future hotel stays...:(:confused:
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    The OP wife is just not keen on him travelling.:D

    Next time ask if she does the same things when she visits the supermarket, hair dresser, the nail salon, her doctor (ooooh lots of germs on those waiting room chairs) or even lounging about on the bed or couch of her close friends who she actually knows are not the most hygienic types.:)
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    I already do these things for the most part - I am quite OCD when it comes to hotels (I do hotel site visits for work biz travelers)
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    I do most of this except the do not disturb sign. I only use that when I'm not in the room to try and head off thieves. I just switch the deadbolt and the swingarm hotel lock (you know the one the one that the neighboring room uses to slam their door into when they have tons of beer drinking workmen coming by to laugh and be noisy until midnight). Maybe I stay in too many "motels" and not enough "hotels" lately :)
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    hotel room must be Sanitize. :)
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    if I do all these checks, when I'm done, I'm late for check-out :D
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    out of the list, these are the four things I do.

    Check for Bedbugs is something I haven't made a practice of doing, yet.

    Sanitize no way I'm using sanitizing wipes to clean, way overblown fear and some studies have shown an increase in allergies and asthma in people who were raised in an overly sterile environment, let alone all the anti bacterials are speeding up the creation of resistant bacteria.
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    Just got off a Cruise Ship (a floating Hotel) Innovation that I saw that was cool. A sanitary Remote.

    That is, it is capable of being run through a Commercial Dishwasher to disinfect. Talking to the room steward, he said that is one thing they make sure to do between cruises.

    Kinda cool, tho.

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