Which card should I get for business?

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    My previous company had Amex Gold, which I usually redeemed the points for Home Depot GCs. New company does not have a company card, so I have to apply for one. My wife and I like to travel, so we want to use points for future vacations. With my business, I will be flying mostly Delta, while occasionally American and USAir. Also, I will stay in Hilton properties 75% of the time and Marriott 25%. SO.....THANK YOU for your recommendations on which card will earn us the most points for future travel.
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    It will help to know where you want to on vacations and where you'll be flying from. How do you feel about using other airlines for those vacation trips?

    Some easy options:
    • A cash back card. The Fidelity/FIA Amex gives you 2% back on everything. Spending cash for vacations means you don't have to worry about silly program rules.
    • Chase Sapphire Preferred. 2 points/$ on all travel spend, and points transfer to some great travel programs, though not AAdvantage or Delta SkyMiles. Has an annual fee.
    Even though you're flying Delta for work, I would not bother trying to collect extra SkyMiles from a credit card. AAdvantage miles are great, but their credit card will only give you bonus points for spending on AA, and it sounds like most of your spending will be elsewhere.

    Both of the cards above will leave your points scattered (some Delta, some AA, some HH, some Marriott, and something new from the credit card), but I think those cards are better options for you than a Delta or AA card. Another thing to consider might be collecting the miles from both AA and Delta flights in the Alaska Air program, especially if you won't be flying enough to get elite status on any one program.

    How well do you think you would handle having multiple cards (e.g. one for all airline spend and two for the different hotel chains) and splitting the spend across them to chase bonuses? Or are you a just-one-card-please kind of person?
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    How much will you be flying DL (status miles or MQMs per year) and how much can you charge on your credit card for business travel?

    The DL AmEx Plat and Reserve cards give you nontrivial numbers of status miles per year based on spend, so this can really help you to attain status as well as redeemable miles.

    It doesn't make sense for everyone......
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    There are some other issues you need to think about....

    Do you want/need Gold Status with Hiltons -- if so it's worth getting their card

    If you're flying with Delta, their Amex PT card is worth getting because it comes with a companion ticket, zone 1 boarding (until you get elite status) and allows you to check bags for free.

    There also are some timing considerations that come into play, namely bonus points from when you get each card and that can vary from time to time

    My recommendation would be to get both and then pick an choose when you use each one.

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    You may want to look at the Amex Platinum it has a hefty fee, but you get GE, $ 200.00 mileage credit and free access to Delta lounge for yourself. If you have your wife a $29.00 fee comes into play. You also get a priority select card to get you into more lounges. I have gold status with Hilton and Sheraton as well as Platinum with Hyatt. You can use your reward points with Delta if you want. Just an option.
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    I like Chase INK, 5X and they sell HD Crds, use a 10% off movers coupon, selling on eEbay for 50 cents ,mand you have a great deal.

    Will not do a great deal for Delta, but will sure help you with AA, HILTON, and many others.

    I deal with properties, so HD and Lowe's knows me well.

    It never hurts to have more than one card, but putting a rubber band around them is a. bit too much..
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    Because of where I fly to and where from , Delta is the better choice for me . . All Delta mile earning cards seem to come from American Express . For $2000 spend in 90 days you can receive 50,00 , 50,000 or 60,000 Skymiles with respectively the Amex Delta Gold (personal ) Delta Gold (business ) or Delta Platinum . Golds have $95 fee , waived first year . Platinum has a $195 fee . The different advantage of the business version is that you can cancel , wait a year and get sign up bonus again , not so with personal versions . There are also other Amex versions that get MR's , membership rewards , that can transfer to several airlines . The Starwood Preferred Guest card ( Amex ) can transfer points to Skymiles or others also. Before you decide , choose where you want to go , then find out which system you can use to get there .
    Almost forgot : Alaska Air Visa points work with many different partners also .
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