Which card for AS miles?

Discussion in 'Alaska Airlines | Mileage Plan' started by gmarchetti, Jan 19, 2014.

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    I've decided to switch to AS this year. Alas, it is not clear which card it is best to put my spending on.
    My family and I'd like to fly to Europe from SEA once a year to visit family, then maybe take a couple of domestic trips.
    I also travel for work, enough to achieve mvp gold later on this year.
    Card options are:
    1. BofA AS card: we have it for the companion ticket. Other than that, it does not net many miles for everyday spending (gas, groceries, typical spending for a family of 4).
    2. Amex PRG - points transfer to BA and Delta, which we can use to fly to Europe. I'll still collect AS miles then use them on BA or Delta
    3. Amex SPG - points transfer to Alaska at 1.25x. Again, it does not generate many points on everyday spending.
    In addition, we'll still need a card with no foreign fees. I'm thinking of the Barclaycard Arrival or Chase Sapphire preferred.
    What would you suggest?
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    Hi, this is my very first post, and I am more of a newbie than you, but here is my two-cents' worth.
    -Are you able to book your AS business travel and be recompensed by your employer? In my line of work, it's a bit more paperwork, but the extra miles may be worth the trouble.
    -How many cards are you comfortable using? I'm thinking about cards that offer extra % on certain categories (such as groceries) and using that card for that type of purchase, etc.
    -The SPG is highly-rated and it will be the next card I apply for (told you I was new to this, I have the AS BofA and a Chase Freedom that I use for Starbucks and Amazon.com gift cards).
    -If you're looking at AS I would caution you against relying on any current arrangements with Delta; from the looks of it their business relationship is deteriorating rapidly. Better to look to AA (and by extension, USAir) as a secondary US-based carrier.
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    If you're going to be flying AS a lot on revenue, then clearly an AS card since that gives you 3x. But, if you're planning to mostly use for regular daily spend, think SPG or the Chase family (saphire, Ink, freedom) so you can get multiplier bonuses for daily spend.
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    I've been thinking about this as well. The AS card does not get me all that excited in terms of earning points since the only multiplier is on purchases direct from AS. Likewise, the SPG AMEX only offers additional points on spend with SPG so it's not really worth it unless you are a frequent SPG guest.

    For everyday spend, I'd lean towards the PRG simply because there are more ways to earn points without having to be fixed to one program (AS or SPG).

    For the second card, I'd go with CSP since UR points can also transfer to BA.

    This thread is pretty old. ;)
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    If anyone else is looking for an answer to this, the new Everyday Preferred Amex is probably your best bet for everyday spending towards AS. 3x MR on groceries for the first 6k/year multiplied by 1.5 with 30 purchases a month = 4.5 MR/$. Convert to SPG at 1/3 = 1.5 starpoints per dollar. Convert to AS in blocks of 20k for the 25% bonus = 1.875 AS miles per dollar on groceries. After 6k or for anything but groceries, the SPG amex is better.
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    IMHO, AS miles aren't worth the 2/3 in devaluation during the conversion process --- but your point is well taken on maximizing value to generate AS miles.
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    I think your going to need to do two cards. Use the AS card for Alaska flights because of the perks there. Then use another card for the bonus or higher earn rate. In a perfect world you might even use multiple cards depending on the place you are shopping or spending.
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