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    I have my choice of flying to DUS via MIA or LAX. From LAX it is with Airberlin on a A330-200 and with American from MIA it is in a 757. Which airline has the best service and seats?
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    The 757 is an old, narrow body aircraft and is slowly being phased out of service by many airlines. Also, it wasn't originally designed for TATL service - so the range of the aircraft is more limited. If there are exceptionally strong trade winds on your return flight, it could result in an unplanned stop to refuel (this happen quite a bit either earlier this year or late last year). Personally, I prefer the A332. It's newer than the 757 and is a wide body, which I think both contribute to a more comfortable ride.
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    OK lets set the record straight (as far as I know, unless this service will be added by the time you want to book)
    AA does not fly MIA/DUS they do codeshare with AB flight(s) for that route and the aircraft used is a A-330.

    AA does fly ORD/DUS with a 767.

    Since you did not specify what class you to plan to travel in I am unable to provide any additional information.

    Note however if you intend to check luggage AB has been having seemingly tremendous on-going problems with lost luggage.
    Just last month a friend lost his luggage on MIA/BER/PRG and they never found it for almost 2 weeks when BA of all people called him to say that they have it their possession in Tampa (his original departing airport)
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