Where will UALs next CEO come from? Meatpacking? Waste Management? LCN?

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    The days of United’s CEO handpicked by Wall Street from rail freight may be coming to a close according to some reports. The destruction of air travel that he presided over capped off by creating an experience where physical and mental anguish was maximized and monetized-is a true watershed event-something animal cruelty agencies would have resoundingly thwarted. But the bloodthirsty Wall Street investors who hoped to devour the airline customer were horrified when the CEO said he ‘dug a hole named competition.’ are now baying for change, someone who will work with AA and the cartel sisters to fix prices and engage in a non compete model, where one carriers new low is replaced in short order by the others. Where will the new CEO come from? Upton Sinclair’s Jungle? the mavens of waste engineering or, as some on The Street would find comforting: someone from the Five Families?. Fasten your seat belt for even newer lows as this year turns to become the next.

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