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    Late last year I signed up for the AA fast-track that was available for a short while (gold/plat/exp for 6/12/30 k miles flown sept-dec), but only flew <5k miles during the period. Put significant thought toward running more as AA and US tend to have low late-purchase fares our of MSP (at least so far...that may change with the merger) and the current AA benefits at the top tier are pretty attractive, but didn't pull the trigger soon enough and my free time evaporated. I've credited about 8500 flown miles on UA from a wideroe ticket to US, so have some EQMs already in AA/US.

    Yesterday I received an AA gold packet in the mail, and sure enough checking my account they credited me with completing the challenge anyway. I have existing travel booked on AA/US (next week even).

    Any wild guesses when (presumably this will happen...) EQMs might be combined between the programs? Is it worth crediting to AA now that I have a tiny bit of status there, or better to stay the course and take the "safe" route to credit to US? Anyone else get waved through on a failed challenge?
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    I think it probably depends which airline you'll fly more out of MSP. Earned upgrades can only be used on each carrier's individual metal as of this point... any 500-mile upgrades you have with AA can only be used on AA, so far as I know. I believe there are some other minor differences as well using AA status to fly on US and vice versa. If you already have the EQMs in US you may just want to keep putting them in US in case they lag behind and don't combine the programs by the end of the year and have difficulties combining two sets of miles towards your status for 2015.

    There doesn't seem to be any "wrong" answer to this question, but maybe someone else will see this differently.

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