Where to complain - No Credit even after 3 months

Discussion in 'Thai Airways | Royal Orchid Plus' started by sharnjit, Jul 19, 2013.

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    I am a member of Thai Royal Orchid Plus FFP
    I did Mumbai - ADDIS - Kilimanjaro sector on the 3rd of April on Ethiopian in Business Class. Miles were not credited to my account even though Miles were credited to my spouse account.
    I have written and submitted documents about 5 to 6 times in last 3 months and the staff (at Thai) always keep telling me to wait another 15 days.
    Is there anywhere i can complain or reach higher authority for my claim to be settled ?

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    I would suggest to check your BPs. If your spouse has a FFP number on it, it explains that mileage. If yours doesn't have one, then there is the problem, and you will have to wait 2/3 months as you/someone will have to advise Ethiopian of your Thai FFP number. If you are still waiting , it will be worth a trip to the closest airline office and sort it out face to face. Over time this happens a lot with airlines and computers, unless you have status with one of the airlines, nothing is going to move fast, unless you call in at their office

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