Where are the United records/board minutes on United's scandal at Newark?

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    2 Ord patrolmen fired (scapegoated) over the cartel's custom of abusing the police to cover their terrible customer service. Raises questions again as to how the cartel's top echelons have gone unscathed for acts of corruption. We currently have a US Senator on trial for free flight monkey business and a cabinet Secretary was forced to quit for taking free flights. United topped all of that-its Chief Lobbyist CREATED a route for an official at its largest hub in a corruption scandal where United has never had to come ciean about the whole sordid affair. Where are the minutes of the meetings, internal memoranda, emails and what did board members know and do. Can't an airline lose its operating license for such egregious conduct? And once again why is the media so partnered up with this industry?
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