When Will IC Pay Points Per $ Sprend Outside of the Americas ?

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If IHG Introduced Points Per $ Spent at IC's Worldwide, Would You Be More Inclined To Book IC Stays?

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  1. if you're RA, you earn 20 points per $ spent at IC's in Nth America, equivalent to a 14% discount/rebate, i would like to see IHG introduce that worldwide, currently IHG is not incentivising long term stays at IC's outside of the Nth American market.
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    I would love this too, IHG shall introduce this in the future, hopefully. :)
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    it should be as you suggest, we might spend then more money in ICs worldwide.
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    this is one of the reasons I avoid anything but super cheap stays at IHGs outside N.A. no incentive to spend money at ICs.
  5. I'm not sure I could do better elsewhere but the Shanghai Pudong property will charge me only about $120 per night this trip. It was less last trip there in April.
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  6. that's a good rate, but it was only a short few years ago that you could stay at any of the three IC's in PVG at 400 RMB a night, c USD 65
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    Does this mean you don't earn points for stays at IHG properties in Japan?
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  8. Those days are long gone. Even the HKG main IC used to be much cheaper back about ten years ago;like $100 per room night. It now runs close to sometimes over $300 per night.
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  9. you just earned the fixed points no matter if you stay one night or seven months
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  10. i guess growing tourism and business demand has led to that, and maybe some Govt/Industry price collusion to elevate the margins
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  11. They don't do it in HKG but in Mainland China they are now doing the currency conversion for you whenever you pay a bill by CC. The rate is terrible somewhere around 10% discount from the official rate. I tried to tell them I didn't want the currency converted by the place of business and was told they have no control over that entry as thye only get the RMB shown on the bill.
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    I believe it was called the Regent then. One of my fave hotels-even now. But I do agree. It was far far cheaper then...
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  13. like the dynamic conversion, i'm transacting via Chase, the Expo IC is charging in RMB and i'm getting very close to the official conversion, they're not using dynamic currency conversion, as they're charging in RMB, may be worth speaking to your card provider, what card are you using? If you request it, they have to invoice in local currency, you pay with your Canadian issued card, it's then an issue between you and your CC issuer
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  14. I used my Amex platinum and Capital one MC. When was the last time you charged something in China. They were not doing the conversion when I was there in late April so something changed between then and last week.
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  15. on Saturday, used a Chase SP Visa, Expo charged in RMB

    and at the end of March, same thing​
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  16. What was your exchange rate last Saturday because I was charging things that day also.
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  17. 74,800 rmb charged USD 12,204.97 , 6.1286508

    the official Interbank rate would have cost me USD12,187.39, so not much of a margin on the spreads
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  18. 4253RMB charged CDN 763.75@5.57
    Interbank rate was 5.94/$715.99 a difference of about 6%

    you would have gotten a better rate based on dollar volume but it should not be that much
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  19. i don't think it should matter on the quantum, it should be based on the CC issuers rate/margin on the interbank rate, i know in other threads here i've read conjecture on whether to use Amex plat or CSP et al, ie which gets a better rate, i use the CSP because of the 5.35 points per $ spent, i used to use amex plat when they had the bonus points mall, that assumes both are much of a muchness with their respective margins on the interbank rate, neither product charges the foreign currency transaction fees, but i've always assumed they load something into their margins on the currency spreads

  20. with the 20 points per $, that would net down to USD103.20, and if it was during the double points promotion just ended, it would be a 21% rebate, net down to USD94.80

    I hope IHG get consistent and apply the same points earning universally
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  21. my recent stay at the Indigo in Edinburgh netted me the following on a spend of around $1000:
    Qualifying Nights
    10,131 pts.
    Bonus Points Earned
    5,065 pts.
    Non-Qualifying Nights
    Check-in Date
    Aug 1, 2013
    Check-Out Date
    Aug 5, 2013
    I will also get a $50 rebate check from MC for their weekend promo.
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  22. did you use a MC? i've been wondering whether they'd process utilising other credit cards? i just received 125,180 from the stay in YYZ, i love the 20 points plus the double points, 30 points per $ spent:)
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  23. I'm no big spender like you obviously. C'mon back we need your money!!:D
    I did use a Capital one PC MC, so I will get another 5K points from that plus the $50 rebate. 20K points for my spend seems to be about the same ratio as you received. And you got the IC 15 stay bonus. I have ten of them so far and another one coming up by the beginning of September. I'm now back over 700K points as well. Time to burn some off.
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  24. i've got quite a few points too but holding off for pointsbreak use:) the spend is much bigger in Asia, with the 20 points per $ spent, i'd have another few million points:eek:
  25. I will do some of that also. I blew off 500K points last Christmas in London and Rome when they were wanting almost $450/500 a night per room during the holidays.
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