When is a 5 hour delay not a bad thing? and even congrads to SQ

Discussion in 'Singapore Airlines | KrisFlyer' started by estnet, Jan 25, 2013.

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    Answer: when plane is diverted due to medical emergency. HKG-sfo small child having seizures a few hours out - this was not announced I know b/c I'm an MD.
    Why they deserve congrads:
    This must have cost SQ a fortune - pilot came on to announce diversion to NRT and that we'd have to circle a while to dump fuel. (can't begin to think what that cost) Landing fees at nrt I assume aren't cheap.
    Interesting - there was a fire engine and ambulance about every half mile as we taxied to the terminal
    The A380 engines need time to cool down - and we were informed about this and kept up to date about events in a timely and not intrusive fashion (eg diversion wasn't announced by the pilot until shortly before we were to land b/c most passengers were sleeping).
    Crew announcement at one point "thank you......... WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER", crew helped each other out, worked during their break time - a real team effort.
    By luck arrived at sfo 30 minutes before immigration closed (1am) - does anyone know what they would have done if we landed later? Stuck on plane for 7 hours or make immigration do overtime?
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    It's my understanding that when a flight is expected to arrive late they make sure immigration is still open. Saw something to this in a thread on TOBB about the Delta 777 that was diverted to ASI and the ferry flight to pick them up eventually go in to ATL after CBP would have been closed but CBP was waiting for them upon arrival.
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    Glad things worked out.

    My answer to your thread question would have been:

    when at SXM, so I could go out to that beach bar at the end of the runway, have a drink in the sun & watch planes land/takeoff:)
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