When and Where Alamo fits into my plan.

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    I'm an Executive with National, outta ATL. The only time I have a problemn is when I really want to rent an Economy or a Compact, for the gas milage. (Sometimes a coupon requires me to rent a Compact). However, it is rare to find an Economy, or even a Compact on the National aisle these days.
    I could go with Enterprise and have the rental count toward my National status for the year. This is what I often do when I need a car for only one day.
    But, I sometimes find Enterprise cars to be higher mileage as well as base models.
    I needed a weekend rental to drive about 300 miles to visit a sick friend. I had a coupon with Alamo that gave me a 1000 additional miles in my airline program. I would have been very happy with a Fiat, or a Sonic, or a new Rio. A personable young man showed me the cars; 2 Yaris, 1 Calibre, and one older Kia Rio LX. I took the Kia; it was nice looking, not a base model , and about 5000 fewer miles than what I would have expected from Enterprise. And the selection was about twice what I would have expected at Enterprise.
    Three days later, after returning the car, I was walking out the National end of the garage. I said hello to a lady and her son who were wondering where the compact cars were. I explained the upgrade drill; and the kid thought that was cool. The lady said she preferred a compact car because that's what she is use to driving. They settled on a Malibu.
    And this day, the personable young man was working the National end; which I was glad to know that they are moving them around so that they get exposure to all the customers of EHI.:)
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