When air hostesses used to shop for passengers’ groceries

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    What would you say about the idea of flight attendants picking up passengers from their homes on the way to the airport, and then making another stop to buy the meals that were served on board?

    Can you imagine all air hostesses bringing their own bed linen to flights and at the end of the day cooking dinner for pilots and themselves? And the cabin crew chief sleeping with the money from in-flight sales under her pillow?

    And, above all, how about the Finnish cabin crew dancing to the tunes of Bollywood on India’s Republic Day that too on board a flight from Delhi to Helsinki. Yes, the dance video has more than 4.6 million hits on YouTube.

    All these instances may be ‘humorous to be believed today’ but they comprise true anecdotes compiled in a 256-page book titled “Airborne: Tales from a thousand and one flights.”

    Read More: http://www.thehindubusinessline.com...p-for-passengers-groceries/article5386610.ece
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    I'll propose that some folks still do travel around the globe enjoying these amenities and many more! :)

    The ultra wealthy - many of whom travel on their own jets - along with top government officials - all have access to luxury perquisites that most Milepointers can only dream about! For example, our previous Secretary of State logged 956,733 air miles in four years. Does anyone think that she drove herself to and from the airport, bought her own groceries and cooked her own food, etc.? :rolleyes:

    And, you won't be reading too many Milepoint travel reports from these ultra-elite travellers! ;)
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    I suspect the Secretary of State does not have to worry about Unions, or even a budget.

    Most of today's workers, let others worry about their job security, and could care less about the bottom line,

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