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    United Airlines:

    Looking to put together a trip from USA to Thailand, as I have done dozens of times before.
    Put together an itinerary and make the call to UAL to check the price human agents might get me.
    I tell the flights and times, all flights available and about to book.

    The agent then comments on my BKK-NRT-ORD-BOS flight .... Wouldn't you rather just take UA 882 straight from BKK to BOS? I then reminded her, and suggest all newbies know, that you could book a plan like this on UA that carries the same flight number, BUT:

    If UA 882 that actually runs BKK-NRT-ORD-BOS United makes it "easy" for you and instead of calculating miles accrued for the actual distance of the flights (10003 miles) they credit you as taking a direct flight from BKK to BOS and you end up with only 8510 miles. You just were short changed almost 1500 miles for your return trip. This is such penny pinching behavior and really illustrates another facet of the disdain they hold for their customers

    United's Friendly Skys are getting more and more less friendly every day.
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    United stopped that policy a while ago. You now earn full credit per segment even on "direct" flights. It still breaks things like seat assignments and upgrades and possibly online check-in, but it no longer breaks the miles, at least on UA.
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