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  1. Ok, before I get jumped on too harshly, let me freely admit that this is a mini rant and does not rank up there with many, many other issues, with AC, personally or globally.

    Flying 063 YYZ-YVR today and due to a mechanical, left 30 mins late. On approach, the captain states he has made up time, and in fact, we will only be 15 mins late. This was simply, categorically false. Door opened at 11:05 (my watch), arrival due at 10:37. There was no delay in reaching the gate. Even at the time he made the announcement, he stated we would land at 11:00.

    (From AC Status page)
    Mon 14-Mar, 2011

    Scheduled: 10:37
    Revised: 11:03 Delayed

    Its not the delay that irks me, its the lying and insulting PAX's intelligenge that gets my blood boiling....

    Please AC lurkers, if you're ever in a position to communicate, just do so honestly with no exaggeration. Don't fudge the numbers to make it look better. We're adults, we can take it. Just tell us the way it is.
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    However ... this is not AC corporate communications messing up. This is one individual (admittedly a captain employed by AC), either messing up his calculation or making himself look better than he should be. I think there is a difference between the two cases.
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    Is there not a performance clause that pays out if you are 15 minutes or less from posted arrival/departure time?
    Jazz has/had it,not so sure of mainline.
  4. Didn't mean it so much for AC corporate per se, simply any employee who might come accross this post.
  5. from AC own stats they are the bottom of NA airlines for on time performance..Perhaps the captain should have said after being on of the worst in NA for on time performance I am happy to announce we are only 15min late if we use my watch and 30 minutes late by yours :)
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