WhatsBusy Shows You Security Wait Times Before You Get to the Airport

Discussion in 'Travel Technology' started by sobore, Nov 22, 2013.

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    WhatsBusy can show you how long you'll stand in line at any major airport based on when you plan to arrive.

    Just tell the service which airport you're headed to, what day, and when you'll get to the airport, and WhatsBusy will crunch historical data from the TSA and the airlines to give you a prediction of what security wait times will be today when you get to the airport, or even in the future so you can plan for the best time to arrive. For example, if I head to the airport this morning, WhatsBusy predicts that if I arrive at the top of the hour, I should expect 15-30 minute wait times, but if I arrive at the bottom of the hour, I may be through in 10 minutes.

    Read More: http://lifehacker.com/whatsbusy-sho...eed:+lifehacker/full+(Lifehacker)&utm_content=
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    Seems like a good app until the whole world finds out about it and messes with their algorithms. Thanks for sharing

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