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    I searched, really I did, so sorry if this has been answered elsewhere.

    I think Milepoint is incredibly useful from a user interface perspective. My favorite feature is "What's New?" But I never use the iPhone app because there isn't a What's New button, or at least I can't find it. While the app works fine for going to a particular forum, I usually don't do that except for a few specific threads that I can wait to check on my computer. When I'm on the go, I want to see what's new.

    Is there anyway we can implement this? And if so, may I suggest cutting down the amount of information displayed? For example, on the "Current" tab in the app, you see the forum name, thread name, the name of the recent poster, and an excerpt fo the recent post. If a "What's New?" tab is created, I really only care about the name of the thread.
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    Does the 'current since last visit' not give you the what's new?

    I find it very useful for just that.

    If you are interested in what's new for certain forums and threads just subscribe to them and the changes are seen in the app also. Just for them. In the 'more-subscribed' area.

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