What's left of SAS?

Discussion in 'SAS | EuroBonus' started by Ronnie Hansen, Nov 12, 2012.

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    Some of the first, specific consequences of the new cut-backs in the SAS organization.

    My flying is increasing heavily these years, and I'm seriously thinking about joining another network already to start building affiliation somewhere else. This SAS-thing can't end well, fleet is old and service is diminishing.

    But what to change to when based in CPH - mainly flying European and US East Coast.

    Maybe Air Berlin - Ethihad, although quite some. stops. Just really like the MEJ's in respect to service and comfort.

    BA and LH ar good shots bu really, really pricy. And then there's Norwegian, which is descent, but got to much of a discount vibe and not enough routing.

    Any people out there with the same concerns and good input?

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    If you are looking for route network then clearly Norwegian is not going to be much of a candidate at present - especially if this is business flying that requires some degree of flexibility (where the Norwegian tickets typically end up being the same price or higher than other carriers). European and US flying seems to suggest either a Star Alliance option (SK / LH) or SkyTeam (KLM / Air France).
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    Maybe SAS can recover. I've heard they are going to try launching a new first class check in where you get a ride to the plane in a new Saab 9-5

    Sorry, bad humor but I'm a bitter Saab owner still reeling from that company shutdown.
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