What's In Your Urban Tourist Bag?

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    Usually when I head out on my travels, I worry about what to pack and how much I can really fit in my suitcase. And, truth be told, when traveling with our family of four, my bag always out weighs the other ones - by a lot.

    I know you're supposed to lay out your clothes, shoes and other necessities and then take some out, put it back in the closet or drawer it came from, and step away from the bag. But, I just can't do it. What if I end up really missing that one shirt or pair of shoes or skinny jeans that I decided to leave out at the last minute? It's not worth playing the "what if" or "why didn't I" game when I'm on vacation. So I don't. Hence the big suitcase I always check at the gate - and hope it doesn't exceed the airline's checked-baggage weight limit.

    After all my many travels for business and pleasure, I've completely accepted the fact that I will always overpack in the clothes and shoes departments. But that's totally okay, at least for me, and so I don't stress about it at all these days. If only I could say the same about my other travel bag, which I refer to as my "urban tourist" bag. It's the one that's smaller in size, but takes up most of my packing time as I always spend hours and hours assessing, plotting and agonizing about what to squeeze in before I head out for a trip abroad or a visit to a Chicago neighborhood.

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