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  1. Ok, I am Diamond with Hilton for next year as well as hitting Platinum with Marriott... In your opinions which one should I maintain for next year? Who has the better program?
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    I've been diamond on Hilton and gold on Marriott. I recommend Hilton.
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    My understanding is that Hilton has been on a major program devaluation strategy for a couple of years now. They've watered down some of the Diamond benefits (i.e. Diamond force), they've increased award costs (sometimes to almost astronomical amounts), etc. And while Marriott has increased some award costs and dropped an award or two (i.e. All-in awards for their Caribbean properties), they haven't had any "major" devaluations for awhile now.

    With that said, what type of hotels do you stay at? If you tend to stay at Full Service properties, I would choose Marriott. Their FS properties generally tend to have much less "quality variation" than Hilton FS properties. With Marriott, if you stay at a JW Marriott, Marriott, or Ren, you know what you are going to get and most all of them are pretty nice. But if you go to a Hilton FS property, you may get a very nice hotel, but you could also get a total dump as well. If you stay at more of the mid-tier, non-FS properties, Hilton probably has some better overall properties in that space (i.e. if you stay at Courtyards, even as a Plat you won't get a free breakfast.)

    And lastly, one of the main reasons for being a hotel rewards member is to earn those hotel points so you can have some really nice vacations. So where do you want to use those points? I might suggest you decide on where you want to vacation and then look to see which of the two programs gets you a the best chance at an award there. You estimate what your point balance is going to be if you focus on one or the other program and then look at what/where/how you can use your points to get you that vacation there.

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