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Discussion in 'Newbies' started by traveltsar, Oct 7, 2011.

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    I made gold on AA about 2 years ago through the gold/platinum challenge and have maintained the status for about 2 years. I need about 9,000 more miles this year to maintain it for 2012 (I was hoping for platinum but most of my international trips this year were on other carriers).

    Any how, I'm trying to decide soon:
    1. Earn 9,000 miles this year for gold again or

    2. Forfeit gold this year, save money and do the challenge again but earn platinum instead.

    Is it possible to earn 10, 000 pts in possibly one overseas flight? Im sure id have to go 1st class. My main reason for wanting platinum is for the increased perks such as higher mile earning potential on flights. I forgot to mention I want make EPM for gold at least. I think I need about 850,000 more miles.

    As always, thanks in advance...
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    I would really base this on your travel schedule. If you do not forsee many trips coming up in the near future, you may wish to wait on status and do the challange near the time(s) your travel increases. I am usually interested in having status when I know it will come in handy.
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    Hi traveltsar, welcome to MP!

    At the end of the day only you can say whether it's worth it to get the extra 9000 miles to keep GLD. It's going to boil down to a $$$ amount to book the flight, and how much that money is worth to you can only be judged by you. My personal opinion as an AA customer is that GLD is nice but not really something I would strive for unless I was flying on AA regularly.

    AA has several flights that you could take that would earn you 10,000 EQP. If you flew ORD-DEL in F, J, or full fare Y you'd earn 11,224 EQP on the outbound leg.

    Also, can you clarify what you mean by "I forgot to mention I want make EPM for gold at least. I think I need about 850,000 more miles". Are you referring to AA's Lifetime GLD status after earning a million miles? If you are, then please not that AA recently announced that they are changing the method by which they count miles for lifetime status. Only the miles you fly will count, any bonuses from status or credit card miles will not count starting in December. You can find more information about those changes here: LINK.

    Also, just in case you haven't made it over there yet\, please drop by our AA Forum to read and contribute your thoughts: LINK.

    Again, welcome to MP!
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    As DestinationDavid said, there are single flights that will net you the 10,000 EQPs, or you can add segments or up-fare some flights to get there.

    I'll be earning 19,903 EQPs for one 10-day trip (all on AA) to the US in December:
    The intl flights are in discount J and the domestic connections are in F (but really discount J), the middle DEN-ORD-DEN flights are Y. The total fare for this itinerary is much less than I anticipated it would be, as well.

    If it were on a fare that allowed 1.0 EQP per mile, it would still be 13,859 EQPs.

    Play with itineraries, fares, add segments if you need to, and look for the I-fares in J whcih get you 1.5 EQPs for less. It's doable.

    And between Gold and Plat, I'd rather have Plat over Gold, and I'd rather have Gold over nada, but as sobore said, that needs to be your decision based on your travels.
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    traveltsar, have you checked out business class fares to europe leaving on thanksgiving day, they're pretty reasonable. If you can find a good Iberia flight (i.e. JFK-LHR on AA metal) you can use the Amex 25% off promotion and make sure you sign up for AA's EUR11 promotion going on right now for a bonus 25k RDM on your first flight and that would earn you ~10,355 EQP, 25k RDM (promotion) + ~10k RDM (6903*1.25 Class of Service + 6903*.25 Gold Bonus).

    Or you could just do this.
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