What will my taxi in Rio de Janeiro cost?

Discussion in 'Brazil' started by jbcarioca, Mar 28, 2011.

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    Most people wonder how to know if they're about to be or have been ripped off by a taxi fare. Cariocas are no exception. As a result there is a website that makes the calculation for you. All you need is your start point and end point and it will calculate the approximate fare. The missing variable is waiting time.

    This site is in Portuguese only, but most people can work it out. It, as of this post, has the old fares. New fares are about 12% higher. Until the meters are updated the taxi drivers will carry a sheet with the adjustments listed, but the meter will show the old fare. Thus, this calculator will still show the fare shown on the meter.

    Meters will be updates as taxis go through their six-month inspections, In the meantime there will be taxis with old and new meter settings intermingled in the city.

    if this is not clear, please ask questions.
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