What to do with the "available" EC seats?

Discussion in 'Delta Air Lines | SkyMiles' started by rwoman, Jun 14, 2011.

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    Hi All,

    In my LHR-DTW/ATL-LHR trips this past week, I observed the following with regard to available EC seats:

    - LHR-DTW - There were quite a few open EC seats (FA said there were 100 open seats in Y). I was able to move to EC due to a broken seat, but it appeared no other pax were permitted to do so - there were empty rows in EC while there were full rows in the Y seats behind EC.

    - ATL-LHR - While I waited to board my delayed flight last night, I witnessed the agents call folks up (I had the impression they were Medallions) and ask if they were willing to move up to the EC section. A gentleman in row 30 declined the EC bulkhead...good call in my opinion. Y was oversold and I think that, once they'd consulted Medallions, they just put random pax in the EC seats.

    I'm sure others have observations as well. I figured I'd share here and on FT.


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