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    With Saturday night stays coming back more and more, folks may have the need to kill a day in DC from time to time. I thought it would be nice to give people some "good day" recommendations of cheap/free things to do.

    DC is often easy with the museums and monuments, but there are also some kind of cool local things that people might enjoy.

    Here's one of my favorite Saturdays, especially when the weather is nice:

    Start off by taking the metro to Cleveland Park (red line). Walk down the hill and you'll see a restaurant called Vace on the same side of the street (the left). Stop in a buy a slice and then walk down the hill to the National Zoo. Spend a few hours hanging around the zoo and seeing the exhibits--don't miss the pandas.

    Once you're done with the zoo, keep heading down the hill until you see the Woodley Park metro station. Take a right on Woodley Road and wind through the neighborhood seeing some of the coolest houses in DC as well as the Swiss embassy until you reach the National Cathedral. Spend some time exploring the Cathedral, one of the coolest in the country, and check out the gargoyles and other sculpture. See if you can pick out Darth Vader.

    Once you're done at the Cathedral, you can keep heading down hill down Wisconsin Avenue into Georgetown for a nice meal and a couple of drinks before heading back to your hotel or to the airport. Don't forget to wave to the Russian Embassy/fortress on your way down the hill.

    That's a lot of walking, but if you do it in this order, it is down hill all the way.

    How about the other DC folks, if you had a day to kill in DC what would you do?
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    IAD - take a cab (I think there Is a shuttle too) to the National Air and Space Museum. Free if you don't have to park. If you do have to park, you'll think airport parking is a bargain when they get done with you!

    IAD - eat at the Harry's Tap Room in the airport. It was one of my favorite restaurants in town...nice to see a good non-chain in the airport.

    DCA - you could walk just north to Gravelly Point park and have a great view of the aircraft arrival and departures. Or take the metro anywhere into town.
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    national gallery of art, then cab to uncle bens chili bowl

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