What to do with 14 and 11 hour stopovers in Dubai - First/Business on Emirates

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    I have an upcoming trip to Europe and I'm flying First class through Dubai with a 14 hour stopover and I'm returning in business class via Dubai with an 11 hour stopover.

    The outbound has me leaving Seattle at 5:30pm on a Friday arriving in Dubai at 7pm local time. I imagine I'll have slept on the flight. My outbound flight leaves at 9am. Unfortunately, I'm using miles and Emirates isn't offering Dubai connect. It's sort of slippery of them to do this but it is what it is.

    My thoughts presently are to go see the Mall of the Emirates and then head to one of the hotels for a drink at a bar on an upper floor. I'm not sure how late I'd stay, but I imagine returning to the first class lounge to relax aftewards. I don't think a hotel would be worth it since I won't be sleeping. I've heard that there are nap rooms in the first class lounge in Dubai, but they're not bookable.

    On the return, I leave Stockholm at 1:55pm and arrive in Dubai at 10:25pm local time. I leave at 9:40am. My thoughts were to get a room at the airport hotel and hopefully get some sleep. The flight back to Seattle is about 14 hours in business.

    Does anyone have any input on this? How will I get around in Dubai? Is it safe if I've had a few drinks in the lounge? I know the locals aren't really keen on it. Any input or advice is appreciated.
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    We were just in Dubai. It's super safe even if you've had a few drinks. Cabs are pretty inexpensive and the mall is good for a few hours. You may want to consider drinks at the top/middle portion of the burj khalifa or even the beaches - pretty awesome in UAE.

    Hope you have fun!
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    buy a Gold Class ticket ($3) on the Metro and take it from airport to Dubai Mall for a look, see the Burj Khalifa with the fake lake + dancing fountains

    you can also continue on Metro out to Marina where there are dozens of places to eat and / or drink

    taxis are cheap but flag drop at the airport is USD 7

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