What Should Be In My Mileage "Starter Kit?"

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    So... I'm ready to move from lurker to full blown mile/point junkie. :)

    My question is, what should be in every newbie's starter kit?
    -Best couple of cards
    -Mileage / hotel programs
    -Websites / aggregators / point trackers, etc?
    -Cell phone apps


    (I currently have a Chase Ink, Capital One Venture, AA Platinum, etc).
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  2. anabolism
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    I'd suggest this may be too open-ended question to get good answers. You may want to provide some information about your goals, your ability and desire to spend, etc.

    Why do you want miles/points? The answer will help us help you.
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    Welcome to Milepoint.

    I think it best for you to decide which programs will benefit you the most and then get cards for those programs, in addition to getting status if possible.

    It is always best to try to stick with one or two airline and hotel chains at most in order to maximize your value to those companies and enhance the benefits that you receive from them.

    The airline selected should probably be one that best suits your home airport and the hotels depend on where you travel and what you care about most in terms of amenities.

    Depending on your age and how long you plan to travel, there are considerations about lifetime benefits. Starwood is probably the easiest to get lifetime Platinum status with 10 years of platinum and 500 hotel nights, however Marriott and Hilton probably have greater worldwide coverage. Hyatt diamond will get you 4 suite upgrades every year good for up to 7 nights each, while Starwood will give you 10 nights of suite upgrades after 50 nights in a year.

    United will give you their top status for life after 4 million miles flown, while American only gives you their second tier status for life after 2 million miles flown. You have to earn the top status every year, but their systemwide upgrades can be used on any fare. United systemwide upgrades require more than the cheapest fare.

    These are some of the variables that you need to explore and make your own determination about.
  4. HaveMilesWillTravel
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    Not sure that I would make lifetime considerations part of my getting started kit.
  5. TravelBear

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    To echo what others have said, a little more info as to what you are looking for would be helpful. Upfront flying v. more free flights regardless of class, international v. stateside, what level of hotel experience are you looking for? Your home city could make a difference in selecting an airline/alliance. Do you see yourself as a full on cc churner?

    Welcome aboard! ....and take your time.

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