What loyalty perks matter most to you most?

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  1. Hey everyone! Great forum here and I’m glad to be a new member!

    I’m doing a project and I’m trying to figure out what matters most to frequent travelers in terms of loyalty programs. I need to this for a presentation and hopefully it supports some of the suggestions I have to offer for a superior loyalty program.

    I put together a short survey where your name is not required and all answers will remain anonymous.

    Please, take the survey and help me out!

    Here’s the link and it should only take 5 minutes! http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/KN2LN9R


    P.S: I'll keep you guys updated with the findings if you care to know what your peers think!
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  2. Well, here's a pic of a gorgeous gold-plated Mercedes! LOL. I'm not a spammer.[​IMG]
  3. Got some great feedback so far. Thanks to those who have contributed! Please, if you haven't yet answered the super short survey help me out! I'd like to impress the Prof!
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    Did the survey.. I would be interested to know what your findings are! So, please do post your results! :)
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    Welcome to MP!

  6. Thanks, guys! This site has a TON of great resources. I'm really glad I found it.
  7. Hmmm... 134 views and not 134 survey responses. Maybe I'll start dishing out props to those who complete it. [​IMG]

    I mean, there's only 10 questions... [​IMG]
  8. Great news! Your opinions matter! Not only for my research project, but I'll be sure to add a shout out to the MilePoint forums!
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    Hospitality student at Temple?

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