What is the protocall for getting points for delayed flights ?

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    SWA from Las Vegas to New Orleans Sunday night had a 3 hour delay that got us in at 2:20 AM. Depending on who you asked, the reasons for delay ran from weather to equipment to flight crew. Could not have been weather because the plane was at the gate and there where no weather issues in LAS or MSY. Supposedly a new crew was coming in from Oakland. No offers of compensation in my email the next day. Suggestions on getting customer service related points??
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    Thanks for posting, rmbmax1! I got a huge laugh out of your post! I fly SWA/WN an awful lot, and for many years, and I've never been offered points for a late fight! And, yes, I've also had an after 2:00 am arrival time... :(

    What you may want to do is to (believe it or not) snail-mail SWA with your complaint. I can verify that if you can make a compelling case in writing that you were sorely affected (that might be defined as more than simply inconvenienced) by the delay in your flight, you might just get a credit voucher from SWA. I have done this, and that's how the SWA system can work best. If you're just going to send SWA an email, then (in my experience) don't be all that surprised if not much happens from them in response. :mad:

    Good luck!

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