What is the meaning of ER in aircraft type?

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    ER is Boeing’s nomenclature for “Extended Range”, and is usually a derivative version of the base product. Some of the things that are done to make a standard aircraft into an ER include:
    1. Increase in the MTOW (Maximum Take-Off Weight) in order to handle the extra weight of the fuel
    2. Related increase in maximum taxi-weight, maximum ramp weight, zero fuel weight, and also possibly maximum landing weight
    3. Strengthening of landing gears
    4. Possibly stronger brakes and higher rated tires
    5. Stronger wing spars and wing skins, such as using thicker aluminum/titanium for the critical load-carrying structure components
    6. Additional space for fuel tanks, such as in the belly cargo hold, vertical stabilizer, and other available areas
    7. Possible wing-tip extensions and/or other aedrodynamic changes

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