What is the future of wearable technology in the travel industry?

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    Between Google Glass and the recent announcement of Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch, wearable technology is on a vicious march towards omnipresence.

    While Glass graces the nose of only a few, this is going to rapidly change as the next 18 months usher in a raft of wearable technologies that will no doubt change the fundamentals of human/machine interaction and learning.

    Here’s a breakdown and analysis of a few technologies grabbing the best of buzz.

    Smartwatches with Samsung Galaxy Gear and Apple’s rumored iWatch

    Samsung wasn’t exactly keeping this close to their vests, and were none too humble when announcing the Samsung Galaxy Gear at a Berlin launch event this week. Samsung’s research director Pranav Mistry:

    “Today, Samsung reinvents a centuries-old product. I can proudly say Galaxy Gear is a design statement, an engineering marvel and something that really redefines tomorrow.”​

    Travel apps available at launch include Qunar and TripIt, and Samsung promises that most apps should function via the new interface seamlessly.

    However, hands-on videos and pundits agree that the device still has some significant app integration hiccups (things have just not been seamless), and, at a price of $299, this is an extremely expensive device that offers limited screen space and still requires a compatible Samsung phone.

    Comments such as “not another device to worry about” and “watch too bulky for your wrist, screen too small for your eye” are commonplace, and demonstrate the hurdles that wearable tech still has to overcome. Not everyone is sold on the addition of another screen to an already screen-saturated landscape.

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