What is the Airline Industry Doing about Drunk and Unruly Passengers?

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    Last week, a cute little puppy caused a whole airplane full of people to divert mid-flight due to some adverse potty issues. The US Airways flight from LA to Philly made that pit-stop in Kansas City after a passenger's pet proceeded to poop on the floor of the cabin not one, but two times, leaving the enclosed aircraft a stinky situation.

    This got us thinking about how frequently we hear about flights diversions, which most often occur because of medial emergencies or belligerent passengers. Just as the unique situation above was on our thoughts, it was also on the lips of the execs at the International Air Transport Association's General Meeting in Qatar last week. The major trade association worked to outline measures to diminish diversions due to another kind of passenger—the drunkards, or "overserved."

    According to the International Civil Aviation Organization, from 2010 to 2013 there were 20,000 unruly passenger reports with 2013 accounting for about 8,000 of them. These reports consist of "physical assault, failing to follow direction, consumption of illegal narcotics, sexual harassment and physical or verbal confrontation." Now, not all of them resulted in a flight diversion, but there's little doubt that air rage mixed with copious amounts of alcohol were involved in a majority of them.

    Read More: http://www.jaunted.com/story/2014/6...stry+Doing+about+Drunk+and+Unruly+Passengers?
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    They do charge extra for the animals, and the drinks are extra...

    Guess they get paid for the risk....

    Buy your own Jet, and even then I have seen them set down for fuel.

    Back to working on a perfect works.

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