What Happens to Membership Rewards (MR) Points when Accounts are Closed due to Financial Review (FR)

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    So I'm currently in the midst of a Financial Review from AmEx. I have already undergone this process last year so I am familiar with how it works. Last year I did not have any AmEx MR so it would not have been a huge deal if my accounts closed. But this time around I am sitting on 133,000 MR (with 75,000 pending once I hit spending threshold on my Biz PRG card).

    My question is: has anyone had their accounts closed due to Financial Review in recent months (or at least in the past year) and if so what happened to any MR points that you had in your account? I don't want to transfer the miles out now and lose the flexibility of MR but obviously if people have horror stories of losing MR points then I will transfer 100% of my points to avoid running that risk. The FR will probably be over by Monday so I need to make decisions pretty quickly.

    I found this article from Spring 2009: http://www.creditmattersblog.com/2009/03/american-express-changes-its-membership.html But I am hesitant to rely on this information for 3 reasons:

    1. It's from nearly 3 years ago so a lot can change in that span of time
    2. They require card members to be in "good standing." I have no idea if I'm considered to be in good standing if my accounts get closed due to perceived abuse.
    3. The policy addressed seems to only address card members closed due to "Risk Reasons." I have no idea if my case would fall into this bucket.

    If I do decide to transfer the points out do you guys have any great ideas? I'm based in WAS and mostly fly in Y or J when using miles. Most of my family and favorite destinations are in Asia.

    I'm currently evaluating my different transfer options and thinking about these options:

    1. Taking advantage of the BA 30% transfer bonus and using the miles to book shorthaul domestic AA awards or trips to the Caribbean.
    2. Transferring to AC and only booking flights on carriers where I won't get hit with the newly instituted YQ (I'm also aware of AC's J for the price of Y sale but I don't have any trips to book right now so I don't think I'd be able to take advantage of that).

    Thanks for any info you can share!

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