What Do Travel Guides Tell Visitors to the US?

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    Saw this today on a friend's Facebook and thought it was interesting. I actually did some "research" on this topic awhile back because I was curious about the same thing. I do so much prepping and reading about what to expect culturally when I visit other countries and I wondered what visitors to the US are told when they plan on arriving here.

    The United States is the second greatest tourist draw in the world, with 60-million-plus visitors in 2010 alone (France, number one, attracted almost 80 million). Flipping through a few of the many English-language tourist guides provides a fascinating, if non-scientific and narrow, window into how people from the outside world perceive America, Americans, and the surprises and pitfalls of spending time here.

    Of the many pieces of advice proffered, four of the most common are: eat with your fingers (sometimes), arrive on time (always), don't drink and drive (they take it seriously here!), and be careful about talking politics (unless you've got some time to spare). But they say more than that:


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