What do to in Houston with kids...?

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    I'm planning a one week trip to Houston last week of November, flying in from AMS with KL. I've been in Houston several times before on business, but this time I am taking my 5-year old daughter. Not sure how she will take the 10+ hour flight, so I need to plan ahead to have something to motivate her for the travel. We will be visiting friends and familiy, but we have quite a bit of spare time to explore Houston on our own. As I am quite unfamiliar with the side of Houston that could interest my daughter, I am looking to y'all (!) to give me any input you may have on things to do in Houston with kids. Recommendations based on personal "successes" are especially welcome.

    I did do a search for a similar topic but could not find this discussed previously. If there is an existing tread I am sure moderators would quickly point me to this!

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    Hi SpotOn,

    I go to Houston quite a lot to visit my brother and his kids. They love going to the zoo (it shouldn't be too warm in Nov). We also go to the museum of natural history which is pretty cool if you're in to it. It's pretty well catered for kids too. There's a butterfly area built in it which is kinda cool.
    If i think of anything else i'll let you know

    Have fun!
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