What are the odds I will have to check my Titan trolley?

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    The dimensions of your trolley are quite a bit larger than the standard allowed, which is approximately 9 x 14 x 22 inches. Your trolley is two inches larger on two of the dimensions.
    Very likely, your trolley won’t fit in the overhead bin ends-in (either wheels-first or handle-first), so the only option is sideways. The problem could be that the overhead bin opening is too small, even though the interior space might be sufficient.
    Furthermore, with the polycarbonate shell, even if the case can get in the door, the door might not be able to close since the trolley shell is not compressible.
    Our experience on Virgin Atlantic is that the gate agents are very, very watchful on cabin luggage. On many occassions when our staff have traveled in Upper Class, the gate agent still questions whether the case will fit. We typically have to tell the gate agent that we have flown Upper Class often, and never have had any problem.
    In addition to the size, the gate agents have told our staff that the case is too heavy. Note that the stated limit for economy hand luggage is 13 pounds, or 6kg, barely over the weight of the empty case itself.
    If I were traveling in your shoes, I would be mentally prepared to have to check the trolley.

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