What airports are within 700 miles of here?

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    For United Airlines MileagePlus members the question of what airports are within 700 miles is actually a useful one. The carrier offers up a discount on “short” award flights within the Lower 48, Canada and Alaska where the distance between the end points is less than 700 miles. But there’s no good list of what all the available airports are. I didn’t think much of it until someone asked me about it on Twitter the other day:

    @WandrMe yup, I'm basically looking to filter options for united 700 mile domestic award =p

    — Matthew Lee (@iruvmattree) January 19, 2015

    And with a bit of spare time on my flight home from Europe yesterday I managed to cobble something together:


    Click on any one of the airports (or just put an IATA code at the end of the URL) and you’ll get a zoomed in map showing all the airports within 700 miles of that one. Here’s what it looks like for Las Vegas:


    There’s also a text list of the possible destinations off to the right of the map and clicking on any airport (icon or in the list) re-centers the search based on that source point.

    I’m not entirely sure just how much value this offers, but at least one person was asking about it and it was easy (and fun) enough to put together so what the heck.


    Worth noting that there are likely a few airports on the list which United doesn’t actually serve. I based in on what the carrier publishes in its PDF timetable but that includes a number of airports which I know do not enjoy United service. I cleaned out what I knew to be bad but didn’t spend a ton of time on it. If you see one which needs to go just leave a note in the comments and I’ll clean it up.

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