Under Review What about user defined hash tags for searching and a tag cloud?

Discussion in 'Feedback/Support/Suggestions' started by adl73x, Aug 11, 2011.

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    Originally posted in the Community Lounge, and hence relevant to the idea that content crops up across many conversations in different fora:
    Actually, on the topic of topical posts in atypical places....

    Rather than some lucky OCD individual indexing posts in lounges and PWPs, we could have free form hash tags, that we could voluntarily attach to our own posts. These could be easily searched, or explored through a tag cloud. I could tag this post "Milepoint suggestion". Then it would be possible to find it, even though it isn't in the suggestions forum.
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    Thanks for bringing this up, this is something we have talked about some and is something that I don't think had made it to the Master List yet. I have added it, thanks.
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    I just had this idea, though it seems smarter people have beaten me to it. This definitely sounds like a good idea. Maybe also allow status members to add tags to any thread (maybe silver and higher) to help categorize threads for searching - especially since the OP is likely asking a question and might not know the "best" way to categorize it. Perhaps tags could also be "voted" up or down by other members as another way to sort the searches.
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