What’s the best window and aisle seat on a Singapore Airbus A330-300?

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    It sounds like you are traveling with a partner, and so the pair of seats along the fuselage of the Singapore Airbus A330-300 are the best for people traveling together, as there is no middle seat. Our normal preference is to sit as far forward as possible, for the following reasons:
    1. Meals served sooner
    2. Earlier off the plane, and therefore reach Immigrations sooner, before the rest of the plane arrives and the queue begins
    3. The further back in the plane, the more sideways motion you will experience during turbulence
    Note that all of the seat choices you suggested have window views (toward the ground) blocked by the wing,
    One more factor to consider is the location of the sun relative to the side of the plane. We usually like to be on the side of the fuselage that the sun is not shining on. So if we are going east bound, we will take the left side of the plane, and the right side if on the west-bound return flight.

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