What’s Cold and Hoppy?

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  1. This past week, Vancouver has been bubbling over with craft beer events, thanks to Vancouver Craft Beer Week (Twitter: @VCBW). The event started last Friday and beers will continue to be poured until tomorrow night, Saturday, May 14. It’s a fantastic opportunity for both local and international Craft Breweries to showcase their goods at events around Vancouver. There are still tickets to some of the events this weekend and you can take a gander here.
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    In the fall we have another fun event based around beer and scotch, aptly called HopScotch that’s definitely worth checking out. However, you don’t need to limit trying new beers to specialty events and I’ve called upon a man who knows a thing or two when it comes to beer and all its hoppy glory. Pat is one of the very few people that has a fridge dedicated to storing a keg of homemade beer, that conveniently has two taps on the door for you to pour yourself a cold one. Yes, he makes his own beer. Now, one doesn’t just sit at home and concoct things, you need to go out and get some inspiration, whether it’s from a store or bar/pub/restaurant. Pat has made his rounds in Vancouver and here are his picks for places to go and where to buy great selections of beer.
    Here in British Columbia, we not only have a heavy presence in the winery industry, but in the brewing scene as well. In no particular order, here are some tasty recommendations from our beer guru.
    - Driftwood Brewing Company (Victoria)
    - Central City Brewing Co (Red Racer beers) (Surrey)
    - Tree Brewing Co (Kelowna)
    - Howe Sounds Brewing Co (Squamish)
    - Russell Brewing Co (Vancouver)
    If you want to find a shop to buy some of said liquid libations, these should get you off to the right start.
    1. Firefly Wines & Ales
    2. Darby’s Liquor Store
    3. Brewery Creek
    Should you be looking to go out and enjoy a cold one (or two), check out these places.
    1. Alibi Room – If you’re going on a weekend, it doesn’t hurt to make a reservation. The place fills up regularly.
    2. St. Augustine’s – They have a cask night every Mondays.
    3. Biercraft – All Belgian beers, so if you’re into that, go here. They’ve got two locations, one on Cambie and one on The Drive.
    4: London Pub / The Manchester – They have the same owners and are quite identical. They also have a partnership with Russell Brewing, which has resulted in two house beers, an ale and a lager. They also do a cask night on Fridays.
    5: Six Acres – They have an extensive beer menu and the food is great too.

    Here’s an added tip: Good Vancouver craft beer resource: http://camravancouver.ca/
    When Pat’s not making his own beer and taste testing it with friends, you can find him searching out what’s on tap in Vancouver’s cultural, live music and restaurant world.

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