WestJet to offer ‘premium economy’ seats

Discussion in 'Other Airlines | North America' started by sobore, Aug 1, 2012.

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    WestJet Airlines Ltd. plans to introduce a new section of premium economy seats featuring more legroom in the first four rows of its planes.

    The move will give travellers a seat pitch of 36 inches in the first four rows. Pitch is an industry term that refers to the distance between the back of your seat and the seat in front of you.

    Read More: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/globe-investor/westjet-to-offer-premium-economy-seats/article4453789/
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    Premium economy seems to be all the rage.:D
  3. I think WJA is really now starting to feel the pinch of AC's upcoming offerings. They will dedicate 50 additional planes to the LCC market and the new carrier being created and will be increasing their regional presence through new alliances with other smaller carriers thanks to the labor agreement they just got approved. All these new services while maintaining their mainline business and adding 787's by the end of next year is a sure sign they will attempt to regain full dominence of their market.
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    AC has alienated a portion of the travelling population.....they will have to work hard to regain them.
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  5. They still have 65% of the domestic market, holding more than steady, and now that labor issues are behind them watch for a charm offensive. Their new deal with the pilots allows them more regional jet flights and the LCC will have a distinct brand name to ensure the mainiline brand doesn't get tagged with that level of service. It also would not surprise me if they eventually bought Porter and keep that brand. Porter has been quietly shopped by the key institutional investor for some time now.

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