Westin Ka'anapali Ocean Resorts Villas - North (WKOR-N)

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    As an Owner of just an Island view room (EOY) at this property (and SPG Gold that comes with owning here), I am typically given a villa on the top (6th) floor with some ocean view and interior grounds of the resort. Island views at WKOR-N are much better than island views at WKOR (the original Westin Ka'anapali Ocean Resort Villas), which is U shaped and thus has half the rooms looking out away from the ocean - frequently looking over parking lots before the mountains. WKOR-N instead is built so that the open air (for the most part) walkways have the mountain views, and the rooms have the better views (either the resort or ocean or both) Almost every room at WKOR-N thus can have a glimpse of ocean...or at least water (pool or koi ponds).

    Check in at WKOR-N varies widely from very friendly and efficient, to something bordering on what the Westin hotel down the street does (Both WKOR and WKOR-N are within two miles of the Westin Maui). However the maintenance staff I have come in contact with during my stays here are almost without exception very friendly and willing to assist (in other words..Aloha spirit).

    As with WKOR, the Villas have a "Heavenly" bed, large bathroom with jacuzzi tub, shutters that open up to the rest of the room (if studio) or bedroom (if in the one bedroom lockoff part). The kitchen is adequately equipped (full sized kitchen in 1BR, small kitchenette in studio). Both the studio and the one bedroom feature a full refrigerator, as well as an range and a dishwasher - and yes a blender to make those tropical drinks as needed/wanted. There are also plenty of grills to use at WKOR-N (as opposed to WKOR..where the spirit of Aloha sometimes gets sorely tested with people vs occupied grills taking center stage occasionally).

    As either owners or renters here, you have access to both WKOR and WKOR-N properties, including full use of both their pools (compare/contrast with the Sheraton and Westin Maui hotels, which limits pool use to registered guests at that hotel only). The WKOR Property has a poolside restaurant which serves a type of buffet breakfast, as well as lunch and dinner options. WKOR-N used to have a buffet breakfast option (in the area below the lobby by the Koi pond) but now is instead just an Italian restaurant 3-4 days of the week for dinner (go somewhere else if you really like Italian food - or are from the NYC area!). WKOR-N does have a bar/mini-restaurant down by the hot tubs (past the pool, closest to the beach) which serves pretty good Mai-Tais to watch a sunset from (in addition to having daily drink specials!). Please note that this restaurant imports its cooking/grills, so as a result after 4 or 5pm, there is no more hot service at the bar/grill.

    WKOR has a big pool (4 to 4.5 feet) with a separate one for kiddies (separated by rocks simulating a waterfall) and a slide for older kids and adults. In between WKOR and WKOR-N there is a pirate ship pool setup for ages 0-5....with water depths ranging from 6 inches to 2 feet. WKOR-N's pool is shaped like a river, but there is no current. Its depth is only 3-3.5 feet (which honestly is a bit too shallow to swim, it is ok to cool off and float around). WKOR-N's pool ends with a large "bay" with several waterfalls.

    While there is some snorkeling right in front of the property, you are still only a mile or so from Black Rock (Sheraton) which is good for newbie snorkelers. The fall off into the ocean in front of WKOR-N is a bit steep, and since snorkeling is good...that means that swimming is not so hot given the opportunity to stub a lot of toes! However the beach is rarely used and thus there is plenty of room to spread out and enjoy looking out to Lanai to the west and Molokai to the north west. A few miles to the north by car, just past D.T. Flemings beach, offers one of the better snorkeling spots on Maui :)

    Both WKOR-N and WKOR have daily activities for adults and kids just a like a hotel, for a relatively (this is Hawaii after all) nominal fee. There is also a Kids club from 9 am to 4pm I believe - please note the Kids Club does not cover toddlers. Toddlers have a room in WKOR to play in - but I would highly recommend against using this (any daycare center looks better...and besides this is Hawaii...get some sunscreen on them, SPF-50 attire, a hat...and let them play outside!).

    Penultimately, internet is free (for all members last time I was there) and self-parking can be free (this is more of a hit and miss depending on time of year, owner generally free vs about $7/night for non-owner...but the non-owner parking fee is rarely enforced from non-owners I know and others I have spoken with).

    Finally, if you are a non-owner, the timeshare push here is pretty relaxed. You can go if you wish and get starpoints...or simply ignore the blinking light message on your phone and enjoy Maui :)

    If you have any questions please ask :) I will try to edit this with anyone's comments/experiences. Mahalo!
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    Any idea how much yearly maintenance fees will go up if the new tax on timeshare owners is enacted?
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    Very nice property. Maintenance fees of $3100 aren't insignificant.

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