Westin DFW [Master Thread]

Discussion in 'Starwood | Preferred Guest' started by Leumas, Jun 29, 2011.

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    This is the last of the 3 DFW Starwoods. Walked over from the Sheraton and checked in by a cheerful staff. Finally, I was upgraded to a suite. It wasn'a bad suite either - a lounge with a bar, and the bedroom area - only one bathroom though.

    As per many Westins, this is a business hotel, with a large number of meeting rooms. BTW, Starwood should stop having Starbucks at their hotels, it cheapens the whole place.

    I tried out the restaurant at this place, it's a typical transit hotel restaurant grub. Don't expect anything fancy, you'll be fine if you set your expectation low. But there's a Denny's across the road, if you're desparate...

    This property was priced as the most expensive of the 3 Starwood, whether that's right, it's difficult to say. But it's priced towards the business cliente. Will I stay here again? Perhaps. I've an obession to do laundry and avoid paying hotels to do it, so I'd prefer the Element. If you want a lounge, you may want the Sheraton. From that angle, the Westin may be the last of your choice, but it somewhat depends on what the rate is and who's paying...

    - Good upgrades
    - Friendly staff

    - A bit pricey, perhaps, but there isn't much price difference among the 3 Starwoods

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