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    What is OnPoint?
    As we were mulling over how best to communicate information on and about milepoint to members we knew we wanted to distribute an email newsletter. We also knew we didn’t want to bombard your inbox with every little update and item we thought interesting - realizing full well that you might very well not define interesting the same way we define interesting.

    So, the OnPoint forum was born.

    The OnPoint forum and OnPoint newsletter will work in conjunction to share with members the latest and greatest goings on in the milepoint community. Every month we will deliver a compact OnPoint email newsletter to every member who subscribes, highlighting just a few select threads and items of interest. Between newsletters the milepoint team will post updates about new features and initiatives here in the OnPoint forum. In addition, all of the OnPoint newsletters will be archived here for reference.

    If you would like to ensure you never miss an update, you can subscribe to the OnPoint forum RSS feed and you will receive updates directly to your RSS feed reader of choice.

    To maintain OnPoint as an announcement/newsletter forum, it is read only. The goal (some might call it the pipe dream) is to keep this forum as clutter free as possible to make it easy for members to scan quickly for updates.

    Of course, that doesn’t mean we aren’t interested in discussing decisions with you and receiving your input and feedback - quite the contrary. In fact, several of the posts made in the OnPoint forum will likely have been already been posted as part of the ongoing discussion in another forum. Here we will re-post those decisions that might otherwise become lost in a long discussion, and will also link to the related discussion whenever possible. And, as always, we welcome feedback and suggestions in the Feedback/Support/Suggestions forum.

    That’s OnPoint in a nutshell. We hope you enjoy both the forum and the newsletter.

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