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    PHL is situated south-west of Philadelphia.
    • Approx 9mi (15km) by car/taxi/shuttle, via 291 & I-76, or via I-95.
    • Approx 20-25mins by train, via SEPTA regional rail.

    Airport Terminal Map

    • American Airlines Admirals Club, Terminal A-East, across from Information Center, land-side (pre-security)
    • British Airways Lounge, Terminal A-West, across from Gate A1
    • United Red Carpet Club, Terminal C/D Walkway
    • US Airways Club, Terminal B/C Connector, 3rd Floor, access by elevator on the B-side, or escalator astride the food court
    • US Airways Club, Terminal F, 2nd Floor
    • US Airways Envoy Lounge, Terminal A-West, near Gate A15, 4th Floor, access by elevator or escalator. This is the nicest Star Alliance lounge at PHL; however, unless you are outbound-international, its location is quite inconvenient.

    Inter-terminal Air-side Transportation
    • Courtesy Shuttle Bus stations between Gates A1, C16, F10

    Public Transportation to Philadelphia
    • There is a train station, with platform pickups across from (almost) every terminals' baggage claim. Specifically, A-East, B,C,D and E.
    • All trains at these platforms are SEPTA regional trains. All are bound for Philadelphia.
    • Trains leave every 30mins. Here is the PDF of the exact schedule.
    • Round trips cost $14.00 during weekdays, and $9.50 during evenings/weekends. One-ways are half that price. Here is the PDF of the 2010 fare brochure.

    Stations / Destinations via Train from PHL
    • To Philadelphia's main sightseeing: get off at Market East station. You are now within walking distance of Reading Terminal Market (vast array of food!), Independence Hall, National Constitution Center, Liberty Bell. The Greyhound Bus terminal is here as well.
    • To New York City and points north (e.g. Newark International Airport EWR, Boston): get off at 30th Street Station. From there, if you are going no further than NYC, the cheaper way is SEPTA-to-NJTransit-via-Trenton (only using regional trains). The other way is via Amtrak.
    • To Wilmington (Delaware) and points south (e.g. Baltimore, Washington): get off at University City, and grab any southbound train, then get off at Wilmington. Go to the Amtrak desk there for onward trains.

    Enjoy the airport and city!
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    This is a terrific idea. I'd like to add a couple of points, based on questions that often get asked:

    (1) Terminals A-West through E are all connected airside. Terminal F (known to those who frequent it as Terminal F'ed) is not connected to the rest of the airport, except via the shuttle bus mentioned above.

    (2) the Envoy lounge is open only in the afternoon and evening and can only be used by C passengers on US or LH or by * Golds traveling internationally outbound on a transatlantic flight (I have seen a report that they let someone in flying PHL-CLT-GIG).

    (3) there is a DL lounge under construction near the mini-food court in the D/E connector. The DL website gives no opening date; the thread on FT implies that it should be open by late Spring/Summer 2011. ETA the entrance is in the corridor just to the right of the "Earl of Sandwich."

    (4) I would think that, if you're headed south of Wilmington on Amtrak, you're better off taking the Airport line to 30th Street and taking Amtrak from there (one change of trains instead of two), but I have never needed to do that and may be wrong.

    (5) There are ATMs throughout PHL (generally, one per concourse plus additional ones in the B/A-East, B/C, and D/E connectors), all Bank of America-branded.

    (6) for those traveling with small children, there are aviation-themed kids play areas in the B/A-East connector and in concourse D.
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    Due to liquor laws, alcohol is not free in airport club lounges.
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    In the US Air Envoy lounge in A-West there is both a staffed bar and self-self wine/beer. At least the self-serve area is free.

    There's free WiFi throughout the airport (formerly only free on weekends or for students).
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    The staffed area is also free. I was told on TOBB that the
    discrepancy is based on some arcane distinction between
    a membership lounge and a service that comes with a
    certain class of tix.

    By the way, when I read the title I thought "here's your
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    Terminal F is connected to the rest of the airport, just not without going outside/re-clearing security. I've done it several times walking. If there's a long wait for the bus, it is sometimes faster to just do this.
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    If you see a long security line, especially if you are departing from a concourse served by Southwest, you should enter through security in another concourse and then change concourses airside. This can save you from missing a flight.
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    Thanks for this tip! I have been flying in/out of PHL for the last several weeks and this recently saved me after getting stuck in traffic on 476. I called my take out order in to Cantina Laredo while walking to B/C security, got through, picked my food up and made it to the gate just as Southwest was calling for pre-boards.

    Obviously, without this tip my Cinco de Mayo celebration would have seriously suffered as I would not have had any guac to enjoy on the plane. :D
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    some updates: Envoy lounge is now a regular US Club :(
    The SEPTA Independence Pass costs $11 and gives you unlimited public transportation(bus, regional rail, etc) in Philly and suburb in 1 day. Trains to/from NJ will have a surcharge of $5. They are NOT sold at the airport but you can buy them online in advance OR from the conductor onboard.
    Another cheaper option to go to downtown is to take bus 37 or 108 and transfer to subway. Cost: $3/one way
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