Weird Foods From Around the Globe

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    MP note: I was sucked into this by Turtle's FB post and was horrified as a pet lover at the dog entries:

    Our 10 of the weirdest things eaten by travel bloggers blog post from a few months ago proved to be quite a hit, so we here we are back with more weird and wonderful offerings. So, if you think your taste buds might be tempted by a spot of barbecued donkey or perhaps a scorpion or two, then read on…

    Penis in Beijing, China
    Submitted by Michael Turtle of Time Travel Turtle

    “Apparently this is a very prestigious and exclusive thing to do in Beijing. For me, it sounded revolting. But I still went along to an upmarket restaurant in the Chinese capital to eat penis. Yes, you read that right, penis. There’s a whole menu with the male sex organ of dozens of animals to choose from. My friends and I went for a platter with bull, sheep and dog. Each tasted slightly different – the sheep being very chewy, the dog a bit dirty and the bull the most like actual meat. It wasn’t just the taste, but the texture which I really noticed. I’m glad I gave it a go – it was certainly a unique experience. I won’t be rushing back, though.”

    Eskimo ice cream in Quinhagak, Alaska
    Submitted by Jessica Pepe of Ice Cream and Permafrost

    “I spend my summers in the more remote parts of Alaska, which has meant getting used to some interesting meals. My favorite local food is ‘akutaq’, also known as Eskimo ice cream. There’s a lot of variation in recipes, but the main ingredient is whipped fat. Seal blubber or reindeer fat is traditional, but now it’s usually made with a few large scoopfuls of crisco instead. Just mush up the crisco with your hands, add a lot of sugar and berries – preferably the tart arctic salmonberries that grow on the tundra – then eat. It’s actually really good, if you can just forget you’re eating almost pure shorting. ”

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