Weird behavior in my AirPortExtreme wireless network. Can you explain it?

Discussion in 'Travel Technology' started by jbcarioca, Jan 25, 2012.

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    I have a Time Capsule that, in bridge mode, connects two AirPort Extreme stations used to extend the network. Recently I tried to change settings to extend ability with VPN so I could access some content remotely. That did not work.

    So, I tried to restore my original settings. AirPort Utility would not recognize my two AirPort Extremes. Finally, in a fit of irritation I began using my iPhone because it worked fine from the Time Capsule base station. Suddenly the iPhone asked to set up a wireless network. In only a coupe fo minutes my iPhone set up both extenders and then, and only then, AirPort express suddenly saw them too. Now all is well.

    Siri cannot answer me why that worked, because I have an ancient IPhone4 without Siri, so I cannot ask her. I can ask all of you, who as MilePointers know everything. How did that happen?:confused:
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